Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Climate Carnivals

Here are photos of the banner I've made for tomorrow's protests.
The front:

The back:

I tried to make the message positive and covered the cardboard with some used wrapping paper, hoping that the image looks attractive enough to give a good (non-aggressive) impression of protesters in general and us in particular!

The press for tomorrow's G20 climate camp has been full of hype about confrontation that is most probably being spread to deter peaceful campaigners. For me the message about climate change is too urgent to allow those who would rather we quietly accepted their ways of running things to distract us. There will be lots of activity in London and disparate interest groups. Personally, I'm not with the anarchists so there are two events of interest:
The climate camp. This is a great forum for showing serious engagement with climate issues. Previous camps were really well run, based on beautifully democratic processes and including many well informed workshops and talks.
Campaign against Climate Change will be demonstrating outside the ExCel centre. This hasn't been well publicised but should send a clear message focussed on science that indicates we face emergency now.

I'm hoping to make it back on Thursday in time for a talk here in Oxford called Writing For Change that asks: Why has the artistic and particularly the written response to climate change been so muted? Is a new self-awareness going to be motivated more by fiction than by the writing of activists or is this not the role of the writer? 

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